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Un autre petit guide

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Un autre petit guide

Message  Lemmy1916 le Mer 21 Aoû - 19:21

Je vous présente un autre petit guide avec images et vidéo : GC13's Easy Guide to a Successful Prison

Prison Architect can be quite a daunting game to someone just picking the game up: you must design facilities for people who would really rather be just about anywhere else, you must meet their needs, and do it all on a tight budget.

Later in the game you can get all of the money you'll ever need out of your workshop(s), but in the beginning of the game you have a limited budget; once it's gone, you're not going to get anymore any time soon unless you already have a workshop up and running.

There's also the matter of time constraint. You can turn off prisoner intake and spend ten days working on your prison if you have to, but where's the fun in that?

You need to prioritize your building. Some things are nice to have, but don't do anything for you immediately. This guide will give you a good road map for what you need now, and what to save for later.

Accept the grants for the administrative officers and for the basic detention center, then get to work.

First to go in are the administrative offices. Lay a foundation large enough to contain five individual offices, then let the workers do their job.

You want to hire a Warden first: he unlocks the Regime report, a crucial tool, and the other staff who will help you so much.

Once he has an office with the necessary desk, chair, and filing cabinet, have him research your accountant. She'll allow you to hire a full staff before your prisoners arrive.

Next get a Chief, and have him research Deployment (as soon as this is done, set your offices to Staff Only so prisoners never try to clean the offices). While he's researching, have your Warden research for a Foreman, who will then research Prison Labor.

Remember, nothing gets researched unless the administrator in question is in a fully furnished office (though it doesn't need electricity).
Utilities and Storage
While you're taking care of your staff, you should also be taking care of your utilities. Pick a spot for your power generator (making sure to leave all squares adjacent to it empty so they can hold capacitors later) and your water pump. You can put this in its own building, or you can simply fence the area in. Remember that this area is also off-limits to prisoners, so mark it Staff Only.

You should also pick an area and mark it as a Storage room: workmen will take any dismantled objects here rather than leave them where they dismantled them, and will also spend a lot of their free time there (or at Deliveries).

Storage does not need to be indoors, but it's best if you try to keep it at least relatively close to the center of your prison so workmen don't need to travel too far to a job.
Holding Cell
You only really need this on the first day. Put in one bench and a toilet, and make sure it's big enough to hold however many visitor tables you want: you can turn this into a visitation room once you have enough normal cells ready.
Kitchen and Canteen

Make sure you have enough room to expand these as needed: the AI does not respond well to having multiple kitchens and canteens, so until that issue is fixed you're stuck knocking down walls to make them larger.

You can get away with having one cook and one cooker for every sixteen prisoners, but you may as well hire two cooks after midnight to clear that part of the grant. Also hire two guards at the same time. Hiring them after midnight saves $400 in salaries, but makes sure you're ready to receive prisoners.

Prisoners only need two meals a day: morning and evening. Putting in a lunch right for them right now is just a waste of time, as they won't eat much food.

Meals are set on the Regime report, and start out at Medium for both Quantity and Variety. Leave them at medium quantity, but drop them to low variety; this saves a fair bit of money once you get to a larger prison, and the prisoners won't complain. Of course, a large prison will be plenty profitable, so you can turn it up to high then if you wish.
Yard and Common Room
So far you've taken care of all of the basic needs the prisoners will have when they arrive (showers can wait until the next morning), but they have more needs: exercise, recreation, and family.

Prisoners will run around in a secure outdoor area designated as a Yard for exercise, or they can use weight benches to take care of that. People will often put weight benches inside their yards, but prisoners seem to prefer to run if that's an option.

Phone booths will meet a prisoner's Family need. These can go in the canteen, yard, or common room. Ideally, all three. You really only need two or three to start with, so if you start out with a common room then put them there.

Televisions are best for a prisoner's Recreation need, and also help meet the Comfort need. These go best in the Common Room in my opinion, but nothing is stopping you from putting them in the yard or the canteen. Like the phone booths, start with two or three of these and add more as you get more prisoners; just watch to see how often all are in use at once and add more when that happens often.

Pool tables also meet the prisoners' Recreation need, but they're larger and more expensive than televisions.

Now that your prisoners' immediate needs are taken care of, you can worry about where they're going to sleep. Accept the grant to build Cell Block A.

Build enough indoor space for at least fifteen 2x3 cells and make sure eight of them each have a bed and a toilet. Walls and a jail door are COMPLETELY optional, but handy to have: build them.

Adding other amenities to a cell will help your prisoners, but your common room and yard should be good enough for now; still, it's a consideration for when you're designing more advanced prisons.

Once you have the first eight done, go ahead and do seven more to finish the grant. You'll add to this cell block, or build new cell blocks, as needed.
By now you probably have prisoners showing up and being assigned to individual cells by the guards you should have hired. The next step is making a shower area for the prisoners. This can be outside (make sure they can't escape!) if you wish. Only put drains at the exit; the water propagates strangely, so it's a waste of effort trying to deal with it now. Just keep it from leaving the shower and call it a day.

Put in enough shower heads for many prisoners to bathe at once, evenly spaced.

Also, strongly consider putting in a few toilets. If you wake your prisoners up in the morning with an hour of shower time in the regime (something I recommend), their Bladder and Bowel needs will be very high as well: putting toilets in the shower lets them take care of those needs as well as Hygiene in one block and lets you schedule Eat time right after rather than scheduling Free time for them to return to their cells to use the toilet.
Cleaning Closet and Laundry
Now it's time to think about the state of your prison, and the clothes your prisoners are wearing. Both need to be washed, and prisoners are the best people for the job (though you will need a Janitor to take care of Staff-Only areas).

Put in both of these rooms. They need to be at least four square meters per job slot, up to a maximum of twenty slots.

The laundry you really only need three or four prisoners working there until your prison is quite large: workers in the laundry tend not to have a lot to do. Start out with just one laundry machine and one ironing board until you expand to thirty or forty prisoners. Put in some tables for clean uniforms to be placed onto. Two laundry baskets should be enough at the start.

Make the cleaning closet as large as you want. The prison can get quite dirty, and more prisoners on cleaning detail will obviously keep it cleaner.

The prisoners on cleaning detail are your biggest accidental escape risk: if their job takes them to an insecure area (such as if your administrative center is built away from the prison and is not Staff Only) then they will immediately try to escape. You don't want that. Always make sure they're only being sent to clean secure areas, with no insecure parts along their way.
This can go in whenever, but after the above is taken care of is best. You can safely dismantle your holding cell to turn it into a visitation room: if you don't want to take in more prisoners, you can simply go to the Prisoners report and make sure you are closed to all three prisoner types.

You don't really need more than two visitor tables, and any more than four is probably a waste on all but the very largest prisons.

So long as you haven't put in too many amenities or built foundations on too much extra square footage, you should still have a fair amount of money left. Use that to start a workshop.

Make sure not to put your workshop too far away from your Deliveries zone. Your workmen will have to constantly ferry sheet metal to the workshop, and if they have to run too far they won't be able to keep up.

The workshop needs twelve square meters of floor space per worker, so make sure it's at least 240 square meters (and don't forget that walls don't count for floor space).

Put in enough saws and presses to keep your prisoners busy, but check your power situation before you plug them in: each green bar of power can feed five machines, and each capacitor adds another bar. Make sure they'll have enough juice, then plug them in.

Your first day will generate poor profits: your saws will be running, turning sheet metal into license plate blanks, but your presses have to wait until they have blanks to stamp. Subsequent days will generate more money, and a fully equipped workshop with ten saws and ten presses, and twenty workers assigned to it for about eight hours can generate about $10,000 worth of license plates from $1,000 worth of sheet metal (bought and delivered automatically every hour while working) every day.

Adding in a second workshop might eventually come to be necessary as you look for ways to keep your prisoners busy. Like the cooks in the kitchen, having multiple workshops confuses your prisoners and they like to move plates and blanks between the two. Keep them close together to keep the inefficiency to a minimum.
You will not be able to finish your workshop quickly without extra money. Go and accept the final grant, Health and Well Being. Spend a little bit of the money you get immediately on the workshop, but save the rest for an infirmary: it costs $4,500 plus the cost to put up or expand a building to make an Infirmary, and you get $10,000 when you complete the grant.

Have your Warden research both the doctor and the psychologist. Put the psychologist in the last office and take a look at the Needs report: you'll be using this a lot to decide how much work you can do on a day. If the needs are all yellow, you can keep working. If some are getting orange and red, your prisoners need a break.

A well-run prison doesn't need an infirmary right now, as the only source of injuries are escape attempts and fights that you will not have to deal with. Put in however many beds you want for appearances, but don't splurge on anything aesthetic until at least your first workshop is fully equipped; ideally you'd wait for your second.

Congratulations: you're well on your way! Don't forget to add more televisions and phone booths to accessible areas of your prison as you take in more prisoners. Try to keep at least one guard for every eight prisoners, and one cook for every sixteen. Allow your prisoners enough free time to keep happy, but work them hard enough to expand the prison.

As long as your prisoners can meet their needs in your prison, even Max security prisoners won't give you any trouble. Just don't let them ever see an easy opportunity to escape, such as knocking down the fence on the yard while they're awake (or not locked in their cells by setting the regime to None) and your guards should never need to raise their batons at your prisoners.

Good luck, and happy building!


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