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Guide de prison architect Part 2 " Les rapports "

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Guide de prison architect Part 2 " Les rapports "

Message  Lemmy1916 le Dim 4 Aoû - 12:32

Ce guide est en cours de traduction !

Topic d'origine de ce guide :

The User Interface: Reports

Staff Tab

The staff Tab of Reports displays your currently hired Staff.
Hover your mouse over a Staff to locate them or click on a Staff to fire that person.
See image below for more information.

Click image for larger version

  • Workers: These are the builders of your Prison who construct the Walls, Floors and
    Items throughout your prison. They also repair anything that gets damaged by Prisoners.
  • Guards: A must-have for any Prison. Guards will escort new Prisoners from the Drop-off location (i.e. Deliveries Room) to their cells or any other Rooms designed for Prisoners (e.g. Solitary Room).

    Note that, as of alpha version 9, Guards are the only Staff that can open Jail Doors or break up Riots.
  • Staff: Covers all other Staff types except Administrators. It contains all your Chefs, Janitors, Gardeners and Doctors.
  • Administrators: Very important Staff members as they allow you to research new Features and Items in the Bureaucracy Menu.

Prisoners Tab

The Prisoners Tab allows you to see how many and what types of Prisoners you're currently housing in your Prison. If Continuous Intake is turned off, clicking on the Red Square Button (see below image) allows you to accept new Prisoners. Click on it again to stop new Prisoners from being housed in your Prison.

Click image for larger version

Jobs Tab

The jobs Tab lists all your Staff and Prisoners activities currently going on or queued in your Prison. See the below image for more information.

Click image for larger version

Needs Tab

Unlocked by hiring a Psychologist through the Bureaucracy Menu.
The Needs Tab shows you the needs of your Prisoners (see below image).
Satisfying the needs of your Prisoners is important, as it will prevent Riots or escape attempts.

Extra information to satisfy your Prisoners needs

Bladder &
FreeTime and Sleep Schedule
SleepSleep Schedule
FoodEat Schedule
HygieneShower schedule and FreeTime Schedule
ClothingWork Schedule(i.e Laundry Job)
ComfortBench, Chair, TV, Sleep Schedule
ExerciseWeights Bench & running around Yard Area
DefenseGuards, CCTV Cameras
FreedomOutside Areas (e.g. Yards) & FreeTime Schedule
FamilyPhone Booth & Visitation Area
RecreationPool Table, TV, Bookshelf (It's currently unclear what the Bookshelf does for the moment)

Contraband Tab

Unlocked by the Chief
The Contraband Tab shows the Market Demand for any item. High demand means many Prisoners want this Item.
This screen also shows the Supply of these Items, representing how many of those Items are owned by the Prisoners.
Prisoners who want something they can't get will steal an Item with High Market Value instead, so they can trade for it later.

Click image for larger version

Regime Tab

Unlocked by hiring a Warden.
This is your Prisons Timetable (i.e. Schedule).
See the image below for an example of a Schedule.

Click image for larger version


  • To plan your Regime, first set up a Blank Schedule, fill in Sleeping and Eating Hours as appropriate (Cooks will only prepare and serve food in the Canteen for designated eating times), then set the rest of the Prisoners' day as FreeTime. As you learn more about the Scheduling system you can tweak it to your needs.
  • As a general rule of thumb, avoid leaving large amounts of time Unscheduled as Prisoners will become bored and may start destroying the fixtures in their Cells. This time seems to be most effective in one hour blocks between other activities as sort of a "cool down" period.
  • To ensure a quiet Sleep time: schedule at least six hours of sleep per night, and try placing troublesome Insomniacs into Solitary Cells.

Extra information about the different types of activities for your Prisoners

NothingThis will send Prisoners back to their Cells/Holding Cell and usually walk around doing nothing except using the Toilet
SleepThis will make all Prisoners return to their Cells. The Cells will be locked shut until the period ends. Prisoners who have no respective Cells will go into the Holding Cell instead, but it will not remove their "Tired" complaint (e.g. No Bed)
EatHours marked with Eat will bring all Prisoners to the Canteen to eat.
ShowerHours marked with Shower will make all Prisoners go to the Showers.
YardHours marked with Yard will bring Prisoners to the Area you have marked as Yard.
FreeTimeHours marked with FreeTime will give all Prisoners liberty to roam around the Prison. They will often stay in their Cells, hang out in the Canteen, Shower, or just roam.
WorkHours marked with Work will make all Prisoners who have been given a job do that said job. The rest gets free time assigned.

Grants Tab

A Grant is a sum of money given to the player to build said thing at your Prison Plot.
Accepted Grants will be shown in the To-Do List. See image for more information

Click image for larger version

Finance Tab

Allows you to keep track of your total earnings and losses each game-day (i.e. Income & Expenses). See below image for more information.

Click image for larger version

Valuation Tab

Gives you a detailed list of your total amount of payments to your Staff & Safety and Security facts. See below image for more information.


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