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Guide de prison architect Part 1 " L'interface "

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Guide de prison architect Part 1 " L'interface "

Message  Lemmy1916 le Dim 4 Aoû - 12:21

Ce guide est en cours de traduction !

Topic d'origine de ce guide :

The User Interface: Part I

Foundations - This Tool allows you to build and destroy buildings of your Prison by clicking the 'Building' button (see image below) that appears. Click & drag to make your building.
Very important Tool in Prison Architect, as it allows you to assign Rooms to the buildings and make certain Items (e.g. Light) function properly.

Materials - This Tool allows you to put down different types of Floors, Walls, and Fences

Rooms - One of the most important Tools in Prison Architect. Rooms are Areas of space dedicated to a certain purpose (see image below). Some Rooms can only be placed if the building has been created using the Foundation Tool. Some Rooms are locked at the beginning until you've unlocked them by using the Bureaucracy Menu.

Each Room has its own set of requirements and can be placed in the same way as buildings by clicking and dragging to the required size. Removal of a Room can be done by right clicking and dragging over the Room.

Objects - This Tool gives you all the Items you need to fulfill a Room requirement. Hovering your mouse over a Room will show you what Items you'll need to make the Room function properly.

Note that some Rooms will need certain Items to give it purpose (e.g. Canteens need Benches to allow the Prisoners to sit on while eating)

These Objects/Items do not work at the moment (so don't buy them):
- Electric Chair

Staff - This Tool allows you to hire your Prison's workforce.
Click the person you want and then click anywhere on the map to place them.
Note that you can only hire a certain amount of Staff until you've researched the Accountant in the Bureaucracy Menu.

Utilities - Clicking on this Tool allows you to see an underground map of your Prison plot.
Its purpose is to give you power over where each Water Pipe and Electricity Cable goes (see image below).

Bureaucracy - Bureaucracy is unlocked by the Warden.
The Bureaucracy Menu allows you to research and unlock additional Staff and Objects for your Prison, for example the Accountants, who manage your finances, thus allowing you to take full control of your earnings and losses. It can also unlock the Chief of Security, who unlocks the Deployments Menu, Riot Guards (Riot Guards currently serves no purpose) and the CCTV Cameras and Monitors.

Deployment - Unlocked by the Chief of Security.
The Deployment tool allows you to take advanced control of your Prison. When selected you will be shown the Deployment screen (see image below) which gives you access to assign Guards to patrol certain Areas, as well as to set Areas to Low, Medium and High Risk Prisoners Areas and Staff-Only Areas. Also contains the Unlock tool (Green Square Button in image below) that sets all doors in an Area to the Locked Open State. Jobs (e.g. Laundry, Workshop, Kitchen, etc) for the Prisoners are also managed from here.

Contraband - Unlocked by the Chief of Security.
This button shows an overlay of all possible Sources of Contraband within your Prison. It also tells you in which Categories (Weapons, Tools, Narcotics & Luxuries) each Item falls into. Some particularly useful Items fall into multiple Categories, so watch out.

Any Contraband found by your Guards in the past 12 hours will also show up in this screen as a Green Circle. You will often want to know how that Item of Contraband made it into the Prison, and your Guards are now trained to interrogate Prisoners and find out this valuable information. Click on any of Green Circles in the Contraband Screen and you'll see a Trail revealing the Origin and History of that particular Item of Contraband.

The are four Categories of Contraband, but many different variants within each Category:

WeaponsCommonly stolen Item (especially in dangerous Prisons where fights are common).
You won't see it until it’s too late and there are bodies on the floor.
ToolsTypically come from the Workshop or Storage Room.
It will be used to dig Escape Tunnels in a future alpha version of Prison Architect
NarcoticsCommonly desired Item for many bored Prisoners and will eventually lead to Addictions and Erratic Behaviour
LuxuriesIncludes anything that makes Prison life a little more bearable: a Bottle of Booze to pass the time, or a Mobile Phone to call Loved Ones
--- Continue further down for more information on the User Interface ---
The User Interface: Part II

Emergencies - There are three Emergency Services available at the moment:

- FireEngine: Calls in a group of 4 Firemen to extinguish fire.
- RiotPolice: Calls in a squad of 6 Heavily Armoured Guards to put a halt to big Riots or to recapture sectors.
- Paramedics: Calls in a team of 4 Paramedics to heal anyone nearby.

You can control them by clicking on the list on the right part of the screen (i.e left click on Emergency Staff Icon), or by drag-selecting.
You can dismiss Emergency Services by clicking on the red X next to their unit icon.

Please note that you will be charged $100 to use a Service.

Clone - This Tool allows you to copy any part (as of alpha 9; only 6x6 spaces maximum) of a Building into any other available space inside a Building. Great for the quick construction of Cells or Rooms as it replicates anything placed or built in the selected Area. Right click and drag to select and left click to place the copied Area.

Note that to use this Tool you must unlock it in the Bureaucracy Menu, by unlocking the Foreman.

Planning - This Tool allows you to plan out buildings and walls (see image below) of your Prison plot without the fear of your Workers actually doing anything.

Shakedown - Clicking this Button will trigger an immediate search of every Prisoner and their Cell across the entire Prison. There is nothing your Prisoners hate more than being searched unnecessarily, so don't click this Button too much, or you will raise the Danger Level.

Lockdown - Shuts and locks all doors within your Prison.
Great to prevent Prisoners getting involved in Riots happening outside their Cells and other similar issues.

Note that this affects your Regime's Programmed Hours until the Lockdown has been lifted.

Bangup - Sends all willing Prisoners back to their cells.

Note that this affects your Regime's Programmed Hours until the Bangup has been lifted.

Report - One of the most important and most used Tools in Prison Architect and will require its own section. Scroll down to learn more about this Tool.

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