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Rimworld : Alpha 3f

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Rimworld : Alpha 3f

Message  Ulyssedu45 le Dim 18 Mai - 14:39

Alpha3 stabilization builds released
Posted April 11th, 2014 by Tynan Sylvester
APRIL 15 UPDATE: Silently updated to Alpha3f. This version fixes a bug that caused save games to sometimes fail to load. Alpha3f will break save compatibility from earlier versions.
APRIL 13 UPDATE: Silently updated to Alpha3e with one minor fix.
APRIL 12 UPDATE: Silently updated to Alpha3d. Fixes specified below.
I’ve just uploaded Alpha3c, a slightly changed version which fixes a number of rare bugs that cropped up after the Alpha 3 release.
Your savegames from Alpha 3 should still work (though you’ll have to copy the .rim files over to a Saves folder in the new install directory).
The bugs fixed were:
633: Occasional crash on load associated with the TerrainGrid.
635: Performance killer associated with forbidden items under blueprints in certain conditions.
638: Game crashes if you load a map under 256 squares wide, then load one over 256 squares wide (flood fill and path grids not resetting their sizes).
636: Minor error message as pawns drop and tried to pick up created items at bill tables.
637: Warden/doctor loop when feeding incapacitated prisoner set to get no food.
504: Muffalos draw with wrong texture.
644: Pawn spaz loop when eating stackable food off the same square someone else is eating off of (e.g. corner of table).
(Alpha3d) 656: Cooks don’t haul meals to stockpiles
(Alpha3d) 646: New Colony button doesn’t work with special characters in folder path
(Alpha3f) Fixed a bug causing savegames to fail to load.
Sorry about asking you to update twice in two days three times in three days. We did a lot of testing with a good-sized test team, but it’s amazing what crops up when thousands of people get their hands on the game. I’m going to have to consider other test and development processes to try to avoid this kind of situation in the future.
Original post regarding Alpha 3b follows:
Someone found a bug that will sometimes make it impossible to load savegame. I’d added error recovery code to the game and re-uploaded it as Alpha3b. If you downloaded the game earlier today, you may want to re-download (using the original link). Your download limit will reset. You’ll know you got the new version because the zip file is called “RimWorldAlpha3b”. Saves from Alpha3 will probably still work (even ones that were broken before).

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