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Prison Architect Alpha 19 dispo !

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Prison Architect Alpha 19 dispo !

Message  Lemmy1916 le Ven 28 Mar - 16:02

La news est reprise du facebook FR : a écrit:[ALPHA 19] LA FINANCE

Voici les nouveautés de la dernière version du jeu sortie le 27 mars 2014 :

L'argent pour certains, a été un gros problème pour la motivation de tous les directeurs. Soit vous n'aviez plus d'argent, et alors la prison ne grandissez pas, soit vous en aviez à l'infini (tricherie ou mod) et vous aviez fini votre prison en une journée.

Pour combler vos déficits, voici :

* De nouveaux contrats !
En échange d'une certaine somme d'argent de la part de la banque, vous devrez accomplir au sein de votre prison quelques petits objectifs (comme avant).
Il y a des contrats que vous ne pourrez pas faire sans avoir rempli les conditions exigées.

* Sauvetage !
Si votre prison a un besoin urgent d'argent, le Gouvernement vous prêtera, mais une seule fois.

* Empruntons !
Vous pourrez emprunter de l'argent à la banque, et la rembourser toutes les heures.

* Investisseurs
Ce sont eux qui vous s'intéresser à votre prison pour acheter des biens.

* Taxons
Hollan... sort de ce corps ! Vous devrez payer 30% de taxe chaque jours.

En savoir plus :

L'article officiel sur steam :

Prison Architect Alpha 19 released
Community Announcements - sPray
Alpha 19 has been released!

After a long playthrough of the game, we concluded that the Finance system was most in need of some development love this month. It has become common practice to cheat your way to $1,000,000 in the bank because there is simply no other way to raise that kind of capital, and the game becomes boring when you have to wait for it to roll in. There are many mods that filled the gap by adding more grants to the game. Furthermore, if you use all the official grants up (all four of them) and still have a negative cashflow, you have literally no way to recover other than cheating, because your bank balance will be decreasing every day and you won’t be able to afford to build new facilities. It was clear that Finance needed looking at. Urgently.

We’ve added a ton of new official grants, and added new requirements to them as well. You can now only have two grants running at once, although your accountant to expand that to three - so be careful which ones you choose. Grants can have “Pre-requisites” before they become available to you - eg you must have completed a previous grant, or have a certain number of prisoners on site. Some grants are hidden and will only reveal themselves when the conditions are right. There is a new special “Government Bailout” grant that acts as a second life - if you run out of money and have a negative cashflow, the government will put together a rescue package and bail you out of trouble. But only once.

You can now borrow money from the bank, and repay interest every hour. Every successful repayment increases your credit rating, and allows you to borrow more.

Once you have a high value prison, you can sell shares in the facility - effectively selling a share of your prison to investors in exchange for money. They will pay you 10% of the total prison value, in exchange for 10% ownership of the prison. This can be an excellent way to raise money, but those investors are not acting out of the goodness of their hearts - they expect a profitable return, and will take their share of the prison sale price when you do come to sell up.

All prison establishments are now expected to pay Corporation Taxes, at 30% of all profit. We advise you keep declared profits as low as possible in the early stages - by re-investing your profits into wages and expanding your prison. Once you start making big profits you can ask your accountant to work on reducing your tax burden.

We have updated the industry system so that your produced goods are exported properly now. (Previously they were magically sold at midnight, vanishing out of existence). There is now a new Exports zone which should be placed near the road, and all your trade goods will be hauled there to be loaded up onto delivery trucks and taken away for sale. This is far more realistic, but also has the added benefit that you will receive income throughout the day as your goods are sold, rather than in a lump sum at midnight. We’ve extended this hourly model to all areas of the cashflow as well - your daily income is now paid in 24 hourly payments, spreading out the income over the day. It was felt that waiting for midnight every day was deeply unsatisfying.

On top of that there are tons of balance changes and bug fixes, many related to finance. The whole game should be significantly more playable now without resorting to grants mods or cheats. We hope you have fun playing alpha 19, and we will see you again for alpha 20 in one month.

Masculin Bélier Chien
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Message  Zalician le Sam 29 Mar - 12:04

A quoi sert la piéce exports ?

Petit prisonnier fébrile
Petit prisonnier fébrile

Masculin Poissons Cochon
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Re: Prison Architect Alpha 19 dispo !

Message  Anilathor le Lun 31 Mar - 8:34

La "zone" export, permet d'évacuer tout les produits fabriquer dans ta prison comme les plaques d'immatriculation.
Au lieu que tes plaques disparaissent par magie en te donnant de l'argent, tes ouvriers transportes ces plaques vers cette nouvelle zone, et après jusqu'à un des camions de marchandise.
Lorsque les camions quittent la carte, cela te donne l'argent.

Cela permet simplement de donner plus de réalisme au jeu Smile
Grand caïd de la prison
Grand caïd de la prison

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Re: Prison Architect Alpha 19 dispo !

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Contenu sponsorisé

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